A geological data marketplace
for the minerals exploration industry
powered by AI

Exploration data at your fingertips

Save years of data collection for new projects: Geological, Geochemical, Geophysical, infrastructure, etc.

Leverage historical data and previous campaigns from other explorers, national surveys, Research Institutes, etc.

All the data is homogenized and encoded according to international standards, making it AI-ready.

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A Digital Prospecting Experience

Maximize the desk-based experience and local knowledge before setting foot on the ground

Leverage exploration-specific tools in a fully online experience, collaborate and share outcomes

Use our AI-powered tools: searching and filtering, pattern identification, geochem/structural correlation probabilities, sample traceback, etc.

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Monetize Your Data

Collecting data is in the Explorer’s DNA: unlock the value of your efforts

Leverage your efforts with a seamless selling experience

Monetize a wide range of data types: samples, prospecting field notes, satellite analytics, drone surveys, assay and borehole data, etc.

Control access, share on demand, increase granularity

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Meet the team

A team of seasoned scientists, with industrial and academic experience

Our background is a mix of Geology, AI and data science

Our founders have accumulated 50 years of experience in Oil & Gas, Energy and Deep Tech

Our values: Transparency, Truthfulness and Environmental stewardship.

Thomas-Louis de Lophem

CEO and cofounder

Mason Dykstra

CSTO and cofounder

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